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Study of American and Chinese Family Members' Evaluations on Institutionalized Care for Their Older Parents: Potential Development in the Future

JHHSA, Vol. 30 No. 2, (2007)

The evaluations on institutionalized care facilities from family
members, after their loved ones moved into such services, are very
different from culture to culture, family to family and person to person.
According to a recent survey in the United States and China, it is found
that different cultures and the different health conditions of the
residents strongly influence family member’s viewpoints on
institutionalized care services. It is also found that the availability of
the institutionalized care facilities plays a significant role, which
strongly affects family members’ evaluations on nursing home services.

In this new century, aging has become an issue in
many countries. In order to meet the needs of the older
people and reduce their family members’ burden, many
societies have established institutionalized care services. The
decision to go to a nursing home can be made by the older
adult or by his/her family members. In most cases, the
decision making is done by the family members due to the
elder person’s health issues or simply because the family can
no longer offer the care. Therefore, how family members
evaluate institutionalized care services will become an
important issue that will need to be explored. This study will
focus on two countries: the United States and China. The
former one has been dealing with this issue for a century long
and will face a serious situation in the near future when the baby boomers will become a concern and will need such
services. The latter one is just being introduced to the idea of
nursing home services. However, it has the biggest
population of elder people in the world and will definitely
need more institutionalized care facilities.

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