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Public Health Coalitions: Patterns and Perceptions in State Immunization Programs

JHHSA, Vol. 30 No. 2, (2007)

The central question of this research is whether state public
health programs collaborate with other public and private institutions to
promote public health goals. Public health administration is highly
bureaucratized and dependent upon government support, but
administrators can establish coalitions as adjunct to more traditional
means of providing public health services. We explain how public
health coalitions are beneficial to providing public health services and
then assess whether administrators in state immunization programs
collaborate with both the public and private sectors. The results of a 50-
state survey of state immunization program officials suggest that
coalitions between state immunization programs and institutions of the
public and private sectors are common. Moreover, most state program
officials think that the more extensive use of immunization coalitions is
important for improving state immunization coverage. Our findings
also indicate that some states have not yet maximized the potential
involvement of the private sector to collaborate in public health efforts.

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