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Police Response to Victims of Domestic and Non-Domestic Violence

JHHSA, Vol. 29 No. 2, (2006)

The research assesses whether police respond differently to
victims of domestic and non-domestic interpersonal conflicts. Though
many laws and policies have been introduced since the 1980s to
enhance police responses to and protection of victims of domestic
violence, very few studies have empirically examined police assistance
or support toward victims of both domestic and non-domestic conflicts.
Using data collected by a large-scale observational project, this
research analyzes officer-initiated assistances and police responses to
victim requests during conflict resolution. Findings show that police
are more likely to provide assistances on their own initiative to victims
of domestic violence than victims of non-domestic violence. Police,
however, do not differ significantly in their responses to requests made
by victims of domestic and non-domestic conflicts. Implications for
policy and future research are discussed.

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