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What Can Community Organizations Do for Tobacco Control?

JHHSA, Vol. 29 No. 1, (2006)

Community based organizations can play a vital role in
widespread involvement on health promotion through a range of
activities. Little research to date has focused on the process of
government agencies accessing the readiness of these organizations for
engaging in tobacco control activities. Because tobacco is the number
one cause of preventable death in the United States and impacts on
African American communities are particularly severe, opinions of
leaders and key management personnel in a variety of CBO’s in
minority communities may be seen as an important starting point for
receptivity to future tobacco control activity by the organization.
The purpose of this analysis is a pilot examination of these
issues among a small group of organizations in two minority
neighborhoods in New York City. The paper develops a methodology
utilizing a “rapid appraisal” technique of key informant interviews for
assessing these organizations receptivity to partnerships with
government on tobacco control. Attitudes and beliefs about smoking
including views about tobacco policies, government role and interest in
working with government on tobacco control are assessed.

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