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Assessing Communications Effectiveness in Meeting Corporate Goals of Public Health Organizations

JHHSA, Vol. 28 No. 2, (2005)

Much evaluation of health communications in public health is
considered from a program perspective of smoking cessation, weight
reduction, education on sexually transmitted diseases, etc. These
studies have advanced the knowledge base of communications theory
and evaluation and have contributed to program effectiveness. In
program-based evaluation the communications process is structured as
part of the program itself.
This article extends program-based communications
evaluation to view communications from the perspective of the
consumer and how effectively public health departments respond to
consumer expectations. It develops a conceptual model for evaluating
elements of communications such as its importance in defining mission
and goals within the community, managing strategic constituencies,
and enlisting individuals and groups as customers and co-producers of
health. It gives a broader perspective on how communications in
public heath organizations are managed and a basis for assessing
whether they are being managed effectively.

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