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The Evolution of the Management System of Hospitals in Greece

JHHSA, Vol. 27 No. 3, (2004)

The administration system of the health units –hospitals of the
country presented different alteration during its course from the
formation of the Greek state until now days. To be more specific, we
can observe that:
a) During the first period, the management of the few hospitals
in the country is practiced by a complicated and multiform systems.
Moreover, some hospitals were managed by a fraternity, other by a
committee, other by an administrative committee and finally other by a
board of directors. In any case, members of these collective sectors are
members of the state such as mayors, chief of the community, simply
private citizens, or well off citizens who participated in the formation
and function of some hospitals as benefactors. But, supreme place to
these of organisation and management of the hospitals has the private
initiative because of the financial adversity of the state. The turn of the
health sector to the well off citizens is obvious, as they dispose great
deal of money for health. During this period, the state just supervises
the few hospitals, public benevolent and state hospitals.
b)The second period from the reform of the compulsory Law
965/1937 until the year 1983 is characterized by two substantial
legislative Acts ,which changed radically the border of the organisation
and management of health units. Firstly, the compulsory Law 965/1937
establishes officially the boards of the directors as the institution
initially covered public hospitals of the country and in the meantime the
hospitals of the rest of the categories. It is also established for the first
time along with that institution, the institution of the Governmental
Trustee. The second legislative Act of that period is the Law Order
2592/1953, through which public health is put into a new basis
according to the demands of that period. The Administrative system of
public hospitals remains the same without particular changes to it.
c)During the third period from the establishment of the
National Health System – Law 1397/1983 until nowadays. This period
is characterized by two great facts:
1.The foundation of National Health System [Law
1397/1983]. It is a historical event for health in Greece. The health
system has for the first time totally public features and the civilian
enjoys the social good of health without any cost. However, the
administrative system of health preserves from the establishment of the
state until nowadays its centralizing character.
2. The reformation of the N.H.S, Law 2889/2001.It leads to
the radical change of the valid administrative system after 175 years of
state function. The country is divided into health districts, where in
each one the peripheral health system is created (P.H.S.).It is managed
by an administrative board, in which substantial authorities are given
for the first time in history of Greek health sector. Consequently, we
have today a decentralizing management system in health, which is
applied by the seventeen (17) peripheral health systems in Greece.

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