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How Well Are We Doing Addressing Disability in America? Examining the Status of Adults with Chronic Disabling Conditions, 1995 and 2005

JHHSA, Vol. 30 No. 3, (2007)

Despite laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
(1992), and The Ticket to Work Act, (TTWA), (2001), working age
adults who develop chronic disabling conditions often find themselves
faced with a choice of leaving the labor market in order to qualify for
public health insurance or continuing to work, often on a “hit and miss”
basis, disqualifying them from employee health benefits. Federal and
state policy makers continue to struggle to find solutions addressing the
needs of working age adults with disabling conditions and illnesses. In
this study we examine the work status of working age adults using two
National Health Interview Surveys conducted a decade apart (1995 &
2005) to investigate and compare adults who have chronic, disabling
conditions and self-reported rates of work. Specifically, this research
investigates whether reported work activity among working age adults
who report chronic health conditions has improved in the decade
between 1995 and 2005. The effects of racial/ethnic differences, age,
and region of residence on one’s work status are also examined.

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