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Telehealth, Provider Competencies in Theory and Application

Jillian R. Williamson Yarbrough
JHHSA, Vol. 46 No. 2, 106-132 (2023)

Researchers estimate that the Global Telemedicine Market will reach $383.13 billion by 2028
(Statistics MRC, 2021). With the expectation of increased growth, practitioners and researchers alike are focused on creating the highest quality of care for telehealth patients. From a priority focused on quality of care, the topic of necessary provider telehealth competencies has been explored by numerous researchers in the literature, however, understanding of the literature based telehealth provider competencies efficacy as applied in provider/patient sessions is less explored.
This research study develops a ten-point telehealth provider competency model. Next, the model is applied as an assessment tool to “real world” telehealth sessions. Based on the data from the assessment application five of the original ten competencies were clearly and effectively demonstrated in all the telehealth sessions. Additionally, four of the original ten competencies were not demonstrated in the telehealth sessions. Conclusions regarding gaps in telehealth provider research-based competency models and telehealth provider applications are discussed.

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