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Direct Care Worker Job Dissatisfaction in North Carolina Nursing Homes

Sandi Lane, Trent Spaulding and Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld
JHHSA, Vol. 45 No. 1, 58-79 (2022)

Engagement of health care workers has been shown to have a positive impact on job satisfaction and organizational performance, but this relationship is unclear for direct care workers in long-term care facilities. A survey of direct care workers in North Carolina nursing homes was conducted in 2020 to investigate the factors contributing to their job satisfaction using the Benjamin Rose Nurse Assistant Job Satisfaction Survey. Extrinsic factors affecting direct care worker job satisfaction such as compensation, workplace environment and support from management were examined, as well as intrinsic factors of job satisfaction such as communication, recognition at work and training. Survey results indicated that extrinsic factors such as pay and communication with administrators, followed by the intrinsic factor of worker recognition, are the most important factors affecting direct care worker job satisfaction. Management practices related to compensation, engaging and valuing direct care workers must be examined in order to have a lasting impact on direct care worker job satisfaction levels.

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