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The Effect of Public Library Programs on Health Services Utilization: A Health Literacy Perspective

JHHSA, Vol. 43 No. 2, 131-153 (2020)

This study examines the roles of public libraries in promoting health literacy at the community level. This study asks: What roles do public libraries play in increasing the public's health literacy? and What effects do library-sponsored programs have on health care services utilization? Multiple regression analyses were conducted on how library-sponsored programs affected the following dependent variables: 1) hospitalizations, and 2) public/private health insurance coverage. By combining multi- stage and purposive sampling methods, this study selected 63 municipal public libraries in New Jersey to investigate their offerings of healthcare literacy-related community programs. The study’s findings suggest that library programs are negatively related to the rate of hospitalization and they are positively related to the overall healthcare insurance coverage, although each is not statistically significant. Among the moderating factors, the median household income statistically significantly predicts the likelihood of obtaining health insurance coverage.

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