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Challenges of Increased Diabetes Prevalence: Implications of Cardio and Renal Comorbidities for Hispanic And White Middle Aged Nursing Home Residents Diagnosed with Diabetes in Texas, 1999 and 2009

JHHSA, Vol. 40 No. 4, (2018)

Increased prevalence of diabetes and related comorbidities has emerged as a major challenge for community resilience in the United States. While attention has been directed towards the impacts of this development for the general population, the nursing home population has received little examination.
This research analyzes change in the prevalence of particular cardio and renal comorbidities for Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White nursing home residents in Texas aged 50-64 diagnosed with diabetes for 1999 and 2009 using data from the federal Minimum Data Set. Comparisons are made by ethnicity and gender to identify trends and possible disparities.
Important findings include that the prevalence of congestive heart failure increased for all groups, and the changes were statistically significant for Hispanic Women and Non-Hispanic White Men. Statistically significant differences were found in the prevalence of peripheral vascular disease as rates were higher for Hispanics of both genders for both years, indicating substantial and ongoing disparities. Disturbingly high rates for renal failure were found for Hispanics that indicate substantial disparities. Recommendations for meeting this challenge include emphasizing prevention measures and updating for models regarding the dynamics nursing home admission.

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