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Evaluation of the Family Medicine Practice in Ankara Province by Family Physicians

JHHSA, Vol. 39 No. 2, (2016)

Turkey's family physician or practice system was established in the beginning of the 2010 across Turkey's 81 provinces and provides low- cost health care, preventive and curative basic medical services to the population. Public health centers across Turkey have now become Family Health Centers (ASMs) as part of Turkey?s efforts to harmonize its health care system with that of the European Union. The aim of This studyis to analyz and evaluate the implementation and performance of Family Practice in Ankara province by family physicians. A questionairre form of 42 question was designed and used to determine opinions of the physicians about effective service & quality improvement, patient-physician relationship, efficiency in the area of responsibility, productivity, job satisfaction and equity. The result of the study shows that family physicians were defined to be generally satisfied with the system and performance implementation and significant differences were found according to work seniority, gender and productivity of the participants. Finally this study should be taken within it?s limiation. The work seniority and gender was one of the most important factor to improve satfications and productivity for family physcains in Turkey. The sample size was represenative for the country, however, one limitation might be cosnidred the increase of sample size in future research if appropriate funding becaome avlaible in the future. This study did not have any souirce of funding.

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