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Asthma Education Information Source Preferences and their Relationship to Asthma Knowledge

JHHSA, Vol. 34 No. 3, (2011)

This study recounts the findings from a year-long survey of Brooklyn residents. Survey respondents were questioned about their knowledge of asthma signs, triggers, symptoms and their attitudes and beliefs about asthma. If they had asthma or were responsible for a child or adult who had asthma they were asked questions to determine how well that asthma was controlled. They were also questioned about their preferred sources of asthma information. Descriptive and inferential statistics indicate that the survey respondents (mostly African American, middle aged, females) were generally knowledgeable about asthma, although they shared some misconceptions about asthma treatments and triggers. They showed a marked preference for obtaining their asthma information from traditional Western medicine providers rather than friends, family members, alternative or complimentary medicine providers or spiritual leaders. This information is useful in guiding investments of time and resources for asthma education programs addressing such audiences. It is also useful for planning health care education programs for a variety of disorders, including high blood pressure and diabetes.

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