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Healthcare Managers’ Perceptions of Professional Development and Organizational Support

JHHSA, Vol. 34 No. 1, (2011)

Purpose: This article explores the participation of healthcare managers in professional development (PD) activities, the reasons for seeking PD and the perceived support of their organizations in terms of reward and recognition.
Methodology: An exploratory survey was emailed to current and past members of three professional associations who share similar missions ―to provide educational and networking opportunities‖ for their members in the southern region of Florida.
Findings: Findings suggest that healthcare managers and healthcare organizations both support and value personal and professional development. Certification by professional organizations appears to be a key credential for upward mobility.
Research limitations: This study serves as an initial attempt to account for the factors that explain differences in pursuing professional development activities. Given the exploratory nature of the study and low response rates, the findings provide direction for further research rather than conclusive judgments.
Practical implications: Continuous learning by managers and organizations should allow the healthcare industry to position itself for future challenges.
Originality: Across all settings, positions, age groups, and perceived organizational support, individuals seek professional certification suggesting recognition of the professional value associated with these certifications. The value attributed to certification and PD by healthcare managers is further demonstrated by our finding that individuals engage in these activities even in the absence of employer reimbursement.
Keywords: Professional development, continuous learning, learning organizations
Article classification: Research

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