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The Demographic, Economic, And Health Profile Of Older Latinos: Implications For Health And Long-Term Care Policy And The Latinos Family

JHHSA, Vol. 23 No. 2, (2000)

The number of older Latinos is increasing rapidly and many of its members are in
poor health, economically disadvantaged, and reliant on publicly-funded programs
that are at risk of continuing cutbacks and restructuring. Such changes limit this
population's access to health and long-term care services and shift an increasing
amount of responsibility to the Latino family. This article reviews the demographic,
economic, and health data of the Latino population and also discusses current and
proposed changes under Medicare and Medicaid and the potential impact of these
revisions on the Latino population. The authors argue that the needs of younger and
older Latinos are linked and any program and policy to improve the situation of the
elderly must confront the vulnerabilities of all family members.

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